s1it3: The Slide 10 Lite version.

s1it3: The Slide 10 Lite version.

Besides using the lightest DE, Openbox, this release is above 1GB for all the software it includes from stock: 3 web browsers, multimedia player/mixer, Virtualization manager, Image editor, renewed File manager to replace CBPP limited options Thunar... 



Why Openbox?

Created aiming a faster desktop, the design of the desktop from Crunch Bang Plus Plus project is both minimalist and astonishing. Doubled swap size to increase free memory available even on old or limited environments.


Stock Applications

This release is above 1GB for all the software it includes from stock: Chromium, Firefox and Tor-browser. Nemo replaced the File Manager included in the CBPP version, Thunar. Cups Print Server (MacOS worldwide known) and HPLIP with latest HP printer drivers are included. VLC and Mixxx DJ Player in the music side, and GIMP for editing images besides a very intuitive screen shooter.



Portable and small, yet fast.

Slide uses a high compression algorithm to achieve such surprising sizes: You will have a full desktop with many applications in about only 1GB of space. Slide performs mostly on memory, that makes any usable pendrive a candidate to host his power, and his performance seeming less and flawless compared to very expensive PCs.



Once you get used to this approach you'll be able to appreciate the sides to this way of working: Portability, speed and small space and hardware usage are boosted by the increased security and specificity it provides by limiting the amounts of unnecesary data you allocate on your HDDs. The creation of modules is a simple process that will allow you to modify and configure the system to your will. You'll see.